Ralph’s Bar & Eatery

We don’t go out often as a family. There are a few reasons: our kids are still a little too young (1, 2 and 9), to keep still for long periods of time; we’re on one income so money is tight; time is short and it’s hard to get us all in the same place. […]

Weekend MOTD

A weekend trip to the mall with the family meant I wanted to look put together, but not like I had cake face (for a change lol). I started out with my trusty Australis Cosmetics primer – which has a hydrating gel-like consistency. It’s a great every day primer, that is low on the silicone […]

The Rose Gold Watch

I’m don’t consider myself an overly stylish person – I will admit it. If I could, I would wear pajamas all day. Or as a second option I love jeans, t-shirts, some Converse shoes and maybe a leather jacket. That would be my uniform of choice. Where I jazz things up are with makeup and […]