Hi there!

I’m Karin, a busy full-time working Mum of three children living in Auckland, New Zealand.

A lover of all things beautiful, but with precious little time and not much money, I like to find ways to enjoy the things I love in life.

I’ve loved makeup from a young age, growing up overseas where big department stores were magical places where you could buy gorgeous products from beautiful people. A child’s perspective, I know, but it’s carried through to my adult years and I still love walking through the beauty aisles.

My very first beauty purchase, using my hard earned pocket money, was a Lancome lipstick (my first dusky pink lipstick perfection) and an eye cream from Elizabeth Arden. I was 12.

Nowadays my love for makeup and beauty hasn’t dissipated. In fact, I’ve found across the cultures there are some things that are universal connectors:

  • beauty
  • style
  • food

So, welcome to my blog. A place where I explore all three of these things through my own unique Afakasi*, working Mum frame of reference.

Love Karin


*Afakai literally translated means ‘half-caste’. I’m a 50/50 mix of Polynesian and Kiwi.



All opinions in my blog are my own and are 100% honest. All products are purchased by me or gifted by friends and family. If I have the opportunity to review products supplied by any companies, I will be completely transparent about it.

If you’d like to contact me my email address is hello@kazza7blogs.com