nude lipstick curation kazza7

A nude lipstick curation for fair to medium-deep skin tones

One of the reasons I started my blog, apart from my love of makeup and skincare, was that people would ask me what I was wearing and what would suit them. Yep, actual in person reviews. How 1980! One of my favourite people, Claire (last name withheld – you know who you are), has beautiful features and skin with a very fair skin tone. I used to recommend products to her that I thought suited her colouring and comfort levels. I would go with her to makeup stores acting almost like her personal makeup consultant. I would sometimes contradict what she was being told by the person at the counter, but I didn’t want her to buy something that she didn’t want or that I knew didn’t suit her. It was also good because she didn’t feel pressured to buy products she didn’t want because someone else there acting on her behalf. That, plus I knew her entire makeup wardrobe and knew what she needed to buy to fill the gaps. She was one of the first people to encourage me to blog. Thank you Claire x

Segway to now, one of my new workmates, Ange, asked me to recommend some nudes for her – nude lipsticks that is. Ange again, is a different skin tone to me. She is very fair with skin that has a more of a pink undertone. She already had a fab collection of some Nars lippie sticks (some of which I’m considering adding to collection soon), but she wanted a good nude. Ange is like me. She doesn’t care whether it’s high end or drugstore, as long as it is fabulous!

So, after a huge introduction, here is the selection I curated for Ange. Now, I chose these with the specific idea in mind that these needed to suit her skin tone, but they also suit mine. Ange would be around an NW10-15 in Mac and I’m NC42 – that’s quite a difference – hence this wee bunch of goodies.

nude lipsticks kazza7

Nude Lipsticks

From left to right we have:

Illamasqua, Bare – a matte finish. Quite a lot lighter than my lips but gorgeous with a dark smokey eye. Recommended by one of my favourite bloggers, Mouldyfruit. High End, available from Beauty Bay.

Wet n Wild, Bare it All – a matte finish. Just the perfect nude that has a hint of peach. Warm toned. Colour lasts a long time and this range is so cost effective. Drugstore, available from Farmers.

Chi Chi, Beautiful Stranger – a satin matte finish and very comfortable to wear. A cooler toned nude. Drugstore but they feel very high end. An amazing range in store at Farmers.

Mac, Mocha – a Satin finish. This is a warm toned nude, that gives my lips a nice warm toned hue. One of my favourites. On Ange this would be a deeper warm brown. High end from Mac.

Mac, Blankety – an Amplified, one of my favourite finishes from Mac. This is a cool toned nude and really pretty with a full cool toned look. It can pull very slightly mauve. High end from Mac.

Colourpop, Oouuu – a Matte finish. This is from the Makeup by Shayla collection that I reviewed here. It’s a wildcard because it’s quite a vibrant orange tone compared to the others. I like to wear this with a more neutral lipliner like Cork or Stripdown from Mac, just patting it on rather than full swipe application. This can be super pretty worn in this way. I’d recommend wearing the same way on fair skin tones as well or it’s less a nude and more a pop! Not technically drugstore, but drugstore prices from Colourpop.

Elizabeth Arden, Sugar – a Ceramide Ultra lipstick, which means it’s not a matte. It’s a moisturising lipstick that has some slip, much like a Lustre finish from Mac. This is a cool toned nude that pulls more mauvey on me than it does on Ange. This is high end from Farmers.

Essence, Matte 01 – a matte finish (obvs). Can be a bit drying so I’d make sure you’ve used lip balm to moisturise your lips first (but remember to wipe it off before application). A great range and such good prices. Drugstore from Farmers.

Mac, Oxblood – Matte. This is one of my favourite all time nudes and it’s Limited Edition from the Toledo collection. I wish I bought a backup! It’s the perfect nude on me. High end from Mac.

LA Girl, Snuggle – it says it’s matte but it’s not, it’s a satin matte. It’s almost exactly the same colour as my lips and very comfortable to wear and at a great price too. Drugstore from Love my Makeup.

Maybelline, Nude Perfection – a matte finish. This colour is like the Mac Spice lipliner but in a chubby lip pencil form. It’s a warm toned nude that suits so many people, in fact Ange bought one after seeing mine and loves it! It’s drugstore and so cost effective. I bought mine from the supermarket and need to get a backup or five.

Nude Lipstick Swatches kazza7

The lighting isn’t the best in these swatches – very yellow light, but hopefully you can see some of the differences in the undertones of these lipsticks and even some of the finishes.

nude liquid lipstick swatches kazza7

Liquid Lipsticks

Revlon Ultra HD, Seduction – says it’s a matte finish but it’s not, it’s a satin matte. This one transfers so don’t expect it to stay on 100% BUT it also means that it won’t dry out your lips. This colour is very nude on me and I love it – it’s not ‘concealer lips’ nude though. On Ange this is obviously darker. I have other colours in this range that are deeper and still are nude on me, but as they wouldn’t suit Ange, I didn’t include in this curation.

Mellow Cosmetics, Tehran – a matte finish. This is a beige nude and very neutral to cool toned. Lovely finish. Drugstore from Farmers.

Mac, Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour, Burnt Spice – a matte finish. This is almost ‘concealer lips’ on me, but works really well with a dark smokey eye. On me, this pulls cool toned which is super interesting, because it doesn’t on lighter skin tones. When I’m lighter in winter you’ll see more definition between this and my skin. High End from Mac stores.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink, Seductress – matte finish, but doesn’t dry down 100%. Read my full review here. It’s a lovely colour on me and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this one.

So, that’s my nude curation for all skin tones. Let me know if you have any favourites in here or can make some more recommendations to me.

Have a beautiful day!