Maybelline Master Bronze Palette Medium Skintone

Maybelline Master Bronze Color and Highlighting Kit

The Brand

Maybelline is one one of those drugstore brands that has been around for years and years. It, and Loreal have had to make some pretty huge changes over the last few years in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, with new and upcoming brands offering amazing quality and better prices. Both brands have some hits and misses in that respect. Both still haven’t hit the jackpot with eyeshadow palettes, their mascaras are good, some brow products and face products are good and lipsticks are really getting there.

One area where Maybelline has really succeeded has been highlighters. With the release of the Master Chrome Highlighters people have started to pay attention (yes I have Molten Gold and am about to order Molten Rose Gold – watch this space for a review). These are the first highlighters in the drugstore that can sit side by side with the iconic Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinishes.

But I digress, cut to when I was taking my tribe of kids shopping and needed a light to shine on me, so that I could have some happiness amidst the cacophony of their complaining, bickering and general unhappiness at not being allowed to touch fragile items. Like a siren call, the Love my Makeup shop in Sylvia park lured me in – just to look around you understand. And that’s where I found the Maybelline Master Bronze Palette.

The Product

I’d seen this palette before and to be honest, had dismissed it. Often when you’re my skin tone or darker, in New Zealand, drugstore brands simply aren’t dark enough – especially in the summer months. This is just not good enough because I’m not that dark! However, I picked it up and swatched it, because let’s be honest, it’s really pretty! I’m a sucker for products are that presented in a way that makes then interesting. Also, the way that it’s pressed made it a look like it might be a little less dusty to me.

I was impressed by the colours on my skin tone (which is currently NC42 in Mac). As you can see by the swatches below they all showed up! And added to that, the highlighter was really nice too, a gorgeous champagne gold.

They have a very, very fine shimmer to them. I usually buy fully matte bronzers, but this shimmer just adds dimension, not sparkle as you can see below.

Maybelline Master Bronze Palette switched to medium skin tone

The Performance

As you can see from the swatches above, there are a range of colours to choose from. On my skin tone I mainly use the middle of the bronze colours to bronze my face and add dimension to my cheeks. You’ll see in the pic below that I have a large plot of real estate to work with – I have a big face and the cheek area is quite flat so I need to work a shadow in there. Once I’ve created the broader dimension then I go in with the colour on the bottom of the swatches. It’s cooler toned and so is perfect to add a contour in, creating definition to my cheeks and making it look like there is a wee bit of a shadow there cast by imaginary cheekbones lol.

I will say that colour-wise I love these. These colours are not ashy on my skin tone which is a huge issue for me. They lay beautifully and are not patchy. They play nicely if I cream contour underneath for a full glam look. There is quite a lot of fall-out though. It’s too be expected with drugstore and I’d rather have fall-out than have it so densely packed that it won’t pickup.

The highlighter is really pretty. It’s a light champagne colour so would be better for me when I’m in my winter skin. If I’m not careful this can give me a bit of an ashy caste, but layered over a cream highlighter, and on the high points of my (imaginary) cheekbones, it’s lovely. It’s not too pigmented, so if you’re expecting the same result as Molten Gold, this isn’t it. It is however a nice natural looking highlight.

The Prognosis

All in all I think this is a great palette. It’s quickly found itself in my day-to-day makeup routine. The size and range of colours in this palette means that it’s one that I can easily take travelling with me.

I also use this on the rest of my face too! These browns are fabulous crease colours and the highlighter makes a pretty lid colour too. Add a dark brown single shadow or an eyeliner and you’re good to go!

In the pic below I’m using the palette on the face and on my eyes too.

Maybelline Master Bronze palette on medium skin tone kazza7

The real tea on this? I looked for a backup and what do you know, they’re sold out! And they’re no longer in my local Farmers so I may have to go online to get some more (please don’t tell me they are discontinuing this).

Being a makeup junkie and reviewer, that says it all doesn’t it?

Have a beautiful day my lovelies.