Garnier, Hydra Bomb, Sheet Mask

Garnier Skin Active Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask

I’m a big fan of skincare. You can wear the most high end makeup in the world, but if you aren’t looking after your skin, then it just won’t apply and last as well as it could.

Core to my skincare regime are masks. I usually have several kinds of masks in rotation depending on my current skincare requirements. I have a clay based mask for when my skin is a bit oily and needs clarifying. I have a gorgeous Lancome sleeping/night-time mask reviewed here, that I also use during the day to add hydration to my dehydrated skin. And when I need an absolute boost, I’ll use a sheet mask.

Sheet masks are just amazing at injecting (not literally) ingredients into the skin and with the paper mask sitting on top of the product all of the goodness can really sink into the skin. The ones I have tried have been from Korean brands, where sheet masks first originated, and ordered from overseas.

I was so pleased to hear that Garnier was releasing sheet masks into New Zealand allowing even more of us easy access to buying them. And I was even happier to have been sent this mask to review.

The Packaging

The pack comes with one mask in a pack which is great to let you try one before buying a whole boxful. I do think that later on they will introduce packs of masks so that when you fall in love with them, you can easily have a stash in your cupboard. With lovely pink foiling, this packaging feels really special. While it’s not the tiniest of packaging, it is very slim so it is easy to pop in your bag or slide into your bathroom cabinet. It’s easy to open and because it’s foil, you know that the mask and product has been really well protected and is fresh. The mask comes with a blue plastic protector stuck to the paper mask. You have to peel off the protector before you apply the paper mask to your face.

The Product

As I said, I have some high end products to help out with my dehydrated skin, so it was interesting to compare. My Lancome Sleeping Mask (which cost me an arm and a leg) was a good comparison for this product. Like the Lancome, this Garner has a smooth gel like consistency and really soaks into the skin. You could feel the goodness in it straight off, so I grabbed the blue mask protector and rubbed it all over my neck – it spreads so well that I actually considered going further. Maybe next time 😉

Given it’s for sensitive skin and contains chamomile, it was soothing and calming as I would expect. The packaging says to leave it on for 15 minutes, but I left it on for 30 mins before removing, as I really wanted all the goodness to absorb into my face.

My skin felt smooth and glowing afterwards. I didn’t wipe it off, instead leaving it on so that the product can dry. It may be a little sticky for some, but it felt amazing to me! I can fully compare this to the Lancome – ouch it hurts when I say that – and would definitely stock up on these.

One tiny thing was that I felt the eye holes were a bit close together, but reading other reviews, it may be that my face is gargantuan! haha

Tips and Tricks

Don’t waste any of the product! Rub it everywhere – the décolletage is often a neglected area so this will be an absolute treat for it!!



Note: This post is not sponsored. I was sent this product to review, but as with all of my reviews my opinions are 100% honest 🙂