The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer

The Balm Cindy Lou-Manizer

As you know, I love a good highlight. If I could, I would highlight myself to the heavens and sparkle my way through life like a magical jewelled unicorn.

One of my favorites, that is always guaranteed to come through for me is Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm. It is a beautiful champagne highlight that works like a dream on fair to medium skintones and even on my medium to medium-deep it is gorgeous.

Off the back of that purchase I bought it’s sister product Betty-Lou Manizer – which is more of a bronze coloured highlight. On fair skin this is pitched as a bronzer, albeit a sprarkly one. On me, in my summer months, it is a gorgeous JLo golden bronze on my skin.

So, when I had the chance to complete my set with the third in the series, Cindy-Lou Manizer, I jumped at it, buying it online rather than retail (which you’ll find is much cheaper).

Cindy-Lou Manizer is a rose-gold toned highlighter. I’ve found that it can pull quite pink on some skintones, but on me, it pulls slightly more peachy pink toned and I love that.

I have swatched it below so that you can see how it appears on my medium-deep skintone.

The Balm Cindy-Lou-Manizer
The Balm Cindy-Lou-Manizer

I will say that I think on deeper skintones that mine (I’m currently NC40 in MAC foundations) it may be a little ashy.

I find this highlight a little more subtle than Mary-Lou and Betty-Lou. Hopefully you will be able to see this in my comparison swatches below and the pics showing it applied to my face.

The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer

In terms of formulation, the consistency is the same – a lovely smooth creaminess.

It really is a beautiful highlighter and works nicely even brushed a little further down and at the top of your blush – I hesitate to call it a blush-topper, because I think you could easily get carried away with the pink-peach tones and if you go ham bringing it down too far, you’ll just look like a sweaty pink mess..

For comparison, I’ve also shows swatches compared to Mary-Lou Manizer and Betty-Lou Manizer – just so that you get an idea of the full suite.

All in all, I’m happy with Cindy-lou Manizer and would recommend this if you’re after a nice rosey gold glow.

The Balm Cindy-Lou, Mary-Lou and Betty-Lou

The Balm Cindy-Lou, Mary-Lou and Betty-Lou

And finally, as a brand, I really love The Balm. They have quirky packaging that shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously. The quality of their products is impeccable and now they are available in retail stores in New Zealand. If you’re thinking about trying them out, I’d start with their highlighters and their matte eyeshadow palettes.