Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub

Once in a while a product comes into your life and literally changes the game. Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub is one of those products for me. I agree that this is a fairly bold statement from someone that reviews LOTS of products from many different brands, but believe me, it’s that good!

Based in Fiji, Pure Fiji is a company that uses natural products, locally sourced and cruelty free. They are a pretty inspirational company, shining a light on the beautiful culture of Fiji.  They also give back to their communities and are environmentally aware. You can read more about them here.

I firstly tried this scrub after my mother went on a trip to see family in Fiji and brought it back for me along with some other products. I was impressed with their body oils and moisturisers, but the body scrub really stood out to me. So much so, that this is my second purchase!

Made with coconut oil and cane sugar, infused with exotic flower extracts, this is a deliciously luxurious product.

Now, I have very dry skin, especially on my arms. Winter seems to turn this skin into some kind of reptilian outer shell. Most scrubs and moisturisers don’t last the day for me so I need something pretty amazing to combat the dryness.

Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Scrub

As you can see the consistency is beautifully rich. It is also pretty tightly packed so you will need to use the little spoon provided (not pictured). Once you’ve used it a few times, you can just use your fingers.

The raw sugar is the perfect consistency to exfoliate my skin. It really smooths it out, and the magical combination of coconut and other oils means that you’re moisturising as well as exfoliating.

And let me tell you … your skin will feel smooth and hydrated all day long. I also apply a little more moisturiser after I get out of the shower, just for that extra oomph.

Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Scrub

You can buy Pure Fiji products from certain beauty therapists, but I buy mine from their website. They are super fast to deliver and if you order over a certain amount of product they will deliver free.

The Rub comes in lots of delicious fragrances. I’ve tried Mango (love it!) and am now using Coconut. Noni is next on my list.

My Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub was $66.50 which isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it. And if you don’t have to share with anyone (ahem this goes to my partner who was using it without me knowing) it will last for ages.