Illamasqua Bare Lipstick

Favorite Nude Lipsticks: Illamasqua Bare

As you know, I am writing a blog series on my favorite lipsticks. Second in my favorite nudes is Illamasqua Bare.

Illamasqua is not a well known brand in New Zealand, where I live, but thanks to the power of YouTube I was introduced to this British brand by one of my favorite YouTube make up gurus – Zara from Mouldyfruit. Here recommendations are spot on, especially if you have a medium/medium deep skintone like me.

When she raved about Illamasqua Bare I knew I had to give it a try.

For those of us with medium/medium deep skintones, a lot of of nude lipsticks can look ashy or give us a ‘concealer lips’ dead look. What we need is a lip colour that has a bit of oomph in it. Enough to be nude, but not dawn-of-the-dead-esque.

Enter Illamasqua Bare. It is a slightly pinky peach based nude with a matte finish.

Illamasqua Bare Lipstick Swatch

As you can see from the swatch above, it has enough colour in it, but it won’t overpower your look.

It is one of my lighter nudes (as opposed to a darker nude like the one I reviewed in my previous post here) and goes perfectly with a stronger eye colour. In fact, if you’re going for a classic black smokey eye – this is the colour for you.

I’ve shown it with two different looks below, taken on different days and times of day. As you can see, the magic is that it gives a hint of colour, without drawing you to the lips. It is like the perfect sidekick to a good eye look.

I’m really impressed with this colour and am looking forward to trying more of their range. Mouldyfruit tells me that their foundations are amazing …


2016-10-15-14-51-07I bought my lipstick from BeautyBay for NZ$23.00 which is a bargain!

Hope you’re enjoying my series. Let me know if there are of your favourites nudes that you’d like me to review for you.