Nude by Nature Contour and Highlighter Kits

Review: Nude by Nature Contour & Highlighter Kits

I was lucky enough to receive these products from the team at Nude by Nature. Having already reviewed their face brush set (click here to see my review), I had high expectations from these products.

Off the bat, the packaging is just beautiful in a rich rose gold colour and deep dark browns.

Contour Palette – with a selection of three colours, this contour kit features a cool toned brown for contouring, a warm toned brown for bronzing and a creamy white for highlighting. My skintone is quite warm toned so I tend to keep away from cool toned browns as they can look very muddy on me. Also, I have quite a chunk of cheek so a cool toned colour can look like a big brown stripe if I’m not careful. However, the warm toned brown was a perfect contour on me. I used it in the hollows of my cheeks then blended it out. I also used it on the sides of my nose. It was a lovely contour colour on me and rapidly took the place of my previous favorite. The highlighter was a bit of a downer for me. It had no sparkle and my skin is too warm toned to use it anywhere other than as a brow highlight. If you have a fair skin tone you could use this to set your under eye. In fact, this is one of those palettes that you can use on your face and on your eyes with ease.

Nude by Nature Contour Kit

Highlight Palette – with three beautifully pigmented colours, this palette is simply gorgeous. It features a light champagne colour, a rose gold colour and a bronze colour. I used the champagne and rose gold colours the most – sometimes mixing them to achieve a really lovely look. They are so pigmented and last all day. There were a real hit for me. I also used these on my eyes and I thought they looked lovely. The bronze is particularly beautiful as a lid colour.

Nude by Nature Highlighter Kit

Highlight Sticks – available in three colours we have the Nude by Nature Highlight Sticks. They are a cream highlight that you can use on its own for a subtle highlight or underneath a powder highlight for true unicorn status.

From left to right we have Rose, Bronze and Champagne.

I always find stick highlighters a little difficult to use. Cream based products can sometimes lift your foundation/setting powder if you’re applying over it, but these went on nice and smoothly and when set with the powder highlighter, looked amazing.

Nude by Nature Highlight Sticks

Contour Fluid Trio – these little cuties each hold 3.5 ml of product. As you can see they come in three different colours an are designed to (from left to right) neutralise, contour and highlight. For me, of the three, I used the contour colour the most. The neutralise was a good colour, perhaps a little pinky toned for me, while the highlighter was just way too light. The contour was a good base for my powder to go on top and helped it last throughout the day.

Nude by Nature Contour Fluid Trio

The Ultimate Perfecting Brush – on the left is a wide contour brush. Used to create a very precise line, the soft bristles allow you to blend product out really nicely. It was easy to get a bit carried away with this brush so you have to have a light hand. The price of this brush is a smidgin compared to some other brands – ahem Nars Ita Brush I’m looking at you!

The Pointed Precision Brush – where has this been all my life? It’s so perfect to apply highlighter. I was pretty skeptical at first, I mean highlighter application is serious business to me, but after the first application I honestly heard angels singing. It’s amazing! You can use this to layer product on, but it still looks natural. I’m a fan of the Nude by Nature brushes and this particular one is a ‘must have’.


In the look below I have used the Contour and Highlight Palettes on my face and on my eyes too. It’s always hard to try and capture true colours in pics on me (yes a ring light is on my list), but hopefully I’ve captured how nice these products are. They look very natural as opposed to the standard ‘instagram contour’ zebra stripes that you see sometimes.

Nude by Nature contour and highlight

Nude by Nature contour and highlight

I’ll finish this blog off with a little information about the Nude by Nature brand, just in case you’re not familiar with it.

All products are free from talc, parabens and bismuth, chemicals that are often found in makeup. By using only high quality, naturally derived ingredients, Nude by Nature is gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types and complexions. Nude by Nature is Australian Owned and they do not test on animals.

Contour Palette – $44.95
Contour Fluid Trio – $44.95
Highlight Palette – $44.95
Touch of Glow Highlighter Stick – $29.95
Ultimate Perfecting Brush – $34.95
Pointed Precision Brush – $29.95

If you’d like to purchase any of these products, they are available at Farmers.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried and liked and Nude by Nature products.

As disclosed above, I was sent these products but my opinions are unpaid and are 100% honest as usual.