MAC Creme in Your Coffee Lipstick

Favorite Nude Lipsticks: MAC Creme in Your Coffee

As you know, I love lipstick. I have so many different colours, finishes and brands that I can talk lipstick all day long.

Women (and men) know the struggle of finding just that perfect colour for them. I mean how many reds to we really need? I’m starting a series of my own ‘favorites’ – favorite nude lipstick colours, favorite red lipsticks colours etc, and hopefully it may inspire you to try some new lipsticks!

This is the first in my series of nudes.

Now nudes are different on different people (obvs). Some people like to have what we call ‘concealer lips’ where your lips are totally devoid of colour. This can look amazing with a deep dark smokey eye. For me, because I have a medium to medium deep skin tone, colours that I wear as nudes may be quite a lot darker on some lighter skintones. Natural lip colour also plays a part.

One nude I reach for regularly is MAC Creme in Your Coffee. It’s a Cremesheen finish – one of my favorites finishes (behind mattes) that MAC offers. As you can see from the picture below it is a moisturising lipstick that has a slight sheen, but lots of colour that will stay put.


MAC Creme in Your Coffee Lipstick swatch medium skin

In the tube, the colour looks, well, like coffee with milk in it. It’s a brown nude (as opposed to a peach nude or a pink nude) and a bit darker on the ‘nude’ spectrum. While you may think it applies very brown, you can see from the picture below that it’s not. Note: I’d term ‘brown’ as dark chocolate in colour – it’s that whole potato / potahto conversation.

What I like about this colour is that it gives me just enough colour to my face without my lips being the whole focus.

I can wear this with a smokey eye and I won’t be overdone. For my everyday, I usually play up my brows and eyes and MAC Creme in Your Coffee partners perfectly with it.

On other people this can look more pink based – if they have pink lips. It’s one of those colours that flatters a lot of skin tones in different ways and can look quite different from person to person.

I’d recommend trying this in stores.

Kazza7 wearing MAC Creme in your coffee lipstickI hope you like the first in this series and enjoyed my review of MAC Creme in Your Coffee.

Let me know your favorite nude lipsticks are in the comments below 🙂