emergency products

Products I never leave home without

I’m always on the go. With working a busy full time job, and being a Mum of three kids there’s always something that needs to be done, somewhere I need to go, or something I need to pick up.

With so many things going on I’ve found that I need to have an emergency kit in my bag. It contains things I can’t leave home without. Forget the obligatory nappy wipes, phone, purse etc. These items are things that I have often thanked my lucky stars that I haven’t left behind.

Nivea Lip Balm – I always need to have a lip balm on the go. This one is great because it’s smooth and hydrating and also has SPF.

SPF 30+ – I need to carry a tube of SPF always. Even though I’m half polynesian, have skin that tends to burn if I’m not careful. I carry a small tube of SPF 30 minimum. I got this tube at Pasifika Festival – what a great handout and perfect for the purse.

Coco Island Paw Paw Ointment – A miracle products, this can be used for so many things. It can go on cuts and burns. If you forget your lip balm you can use this. It’s an amazing liquid lipstick remover. You can use it for a moisturiser if you’re caught short. It’s gentle and petroleum free.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector – Another lip product? Yep! These are so lovely on the lips and add just a hint of colour. They are so easy to apply and you don’t need a mirror. They are super moisturising too.

Emergency products

Plasters (Band Aids) – these are fund raising ones that we bought from my son’s school. You never know how much you need a plaster till you, or someone you know, has cut themselves somewhere far from home. Admittedly having the kids means someone is always injuring themselves so I go through these quite quickly.

Sunsilk Weather Defence Hair Serum – I have really fine straight hair, but when it’s humid or if I get caught in the rain it goes static and the cowlicks, so carefully ironed smooth, start to kink up again. Then slowly but surely, but hair will get bigger and bigger. You may think this excessive in an emergency kit, but when it rains unexpectedly, just come and see me.

Drixine – I get really bad hayfever and take a pill a day. Sometimes it’s not enough and I’ll be out somewhere, surrounded by flowers and have to stave off a sneezing fit. A nose spray, like Drixine is crucial to stop the hayfever.

A Pop of Colour – It’s happened to all of us. We’re just out and about and suddently we get invited somewhere glam. Sometimes the only thing you can do is spritz your hair and then pop on a colourful lipstick. Currently I’m carrying around Maybelline Color Drama in Fab Orange – a matte orange based red. No matter what the occasion, this can change your look in a couple of swipes.

Poly Tears – By the time I get to the afternoon, my eyes are feeling the strain of being on a computer for most of the day. Poly Tears helps to refresh my eyes and freshen me up. It also helps if a stray eyelash gets caught in your eye and you don’t want to ruin your eye makeup gouging it out!

So, there you go – my little list of emergency items.

What emergency items do you carry around?