Lip Combo: MAC Strength Lipstick with MAC Auburn Lipliner

If you have ever met me in person, then you know I am a lip product fiend. I love lipsticks, lipliners, liquid lipsticks, lip conditioners, lip balms, lip gloss etc etc. Well, you’ll also know that I love ALL makeup and skincare, but something about lipstick calls to me deep in my soul 😉

I’ve said this to many people, that if you’ve got a lot going on and are juggling lots of things (let’s be honest, this is most of us right?), then sometimes taking 30 seconds out to apply a power lip can make all the difference.

I’m a MAC lipstick lover from way back. I haven’t officially counted my collection, but I have a significant amount. Put it this way, if they ever got stolen I would need to make an insurance claim!

This combo is one that I actually didn’t pick for myself. Instead, I went to the Pro Store with two girlfriends and met the loveliest makeup artist who urged me to buy products that complemented my already large collection.

But, let’s not talk about what else I bought (ahem). This post is all about the lipstick!

Strength is a coppery coloured Frost. Yes, you heard it right. Frosts are back in! And this one is amazing. It’s a glorious colour that works well on my NC40 skintone.

The makeup artist paired this with Auburn lipliner – one I already had in my collection but hadn’t used very much because I felt it didn’t suit me well (it looks amazing on my Mum who is a couple of skin tones darker than I).

For this combo we applied it all over the lips first, then applied the lipstick over the top. Holy moly! They work together like PB & J, like Fred & Ginger, like rum and coke … you get the idea.

Here they are swatched on my skin and then I’ve shown how they look applied.

Thanks to Claire and Laura for ‘peer pressuring’ me into buying the lipstick. You were right 🙂