The best product for dry lips (and nips), Medela Purelan 100

The change of season can be brutal on your skin and especially hard on your lips. Exposed to the elements, moving from cold outdoor windy weather, to warm air conditioned spaces can make your lips dry up and crack.

This year has been no exception and quite a few of my friends have been asking what products to use in this instance – especially my friend Steph who gets up early in the morning to work out in the cold, then works in a hot office all day.

My secret product that never fails to deliver is Medela Purelan 100. It’s a nipple cream – I’ll put put it out there. Yes, it’s a cream to put on cracked nipples to help heal them after breastfeeding.

It’s pretty obvious how I found out about this product – I have three children after all and breastfed them all as much as my little A cups would allow. They chewed me up like a piece of rawhide and this cream helped them heal up.

One day, during change of season, I had terribly dry lips. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and I didn’t want to run to the bathroom to get some chap stick because I didn’t want to leave the kitchen unattended while the kids were around. I reached up in our kitchen cupboard and grabbed the Purelan and slapped it on.

Yes, it was soothing on my lips, but there was another thing I noticed about 20 minutes later. It was STILL on! It hadn’t worn away or soaked in or dried out. It was still there, providing protection and soothing my lips as if I’d just applied it.

This is the major benefit of this product. It stays and stays and while it’s on it soothes and heals.

I now carry a tube of this around with me at all times and keep one in the kitchen (it’s the hub of our house). You can see from my pic that mine are well used.

This magic product can also be used on cuts or grazes to keep the area moist while healing.

I will say though, just to be completely clear, the magic ingredient is lanolin. Lanolin is a waxy substance that is extracted from sheep wool. It’s the stuff that keeps sheep dry. Purelan is 100% hypoallergenic lanolin.

If you’re vegan then obvs don’t use this. I can recommend the Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm as a close second.

So, if you’re in the market for smooth, well conditioned lips (or nips lol)  then give this a go!

You can buy from anywhere that stocks baby supplies like The Baby Factory or Baby City.