My MAC Makeover

Everybody loves a MAC makeover and I am no exception. In fact, when I recently left my last job, my colleagues knowingly bought me a voucher to use at the Britomart store.

If you know me (as they did), then you know that I’m a MAC girl from way back. I even went to the first store opening in the Chancery and have amassed quite the collection over the years since then.

I’ve had a few MAC makeovers in my day, but this was my first in a while and also was my first with the amazing Chay Roberts. You know that your artist is amazing when other makeup artists speak about him in whispers.

Chay is a renowned makeup artist who is so talented and is also such a nice person. He’s like the Mario of the NZ makeup scene (if you’re a makeup fan then I won’t need to explain just who Mario is).

Chay and I started with a chat about what kind of look I wanted and I explained that I wanted him to have free license to go full ‘cake-face’ on me and just go with what he thought would be a great look for me.

We discussed my already huge MAC collection and he decided that the products he would use would complement what I already had and maybe introduce me to some new things that I had yet to experience with the MAC brand.

Here is a pic of my ‘before’ face. I’ve got some eyeliner, a bit of mascara, some concealer (to hide my dark circles and hyperpigmentation), blush and some powder in my brows (gimme a break – it’s was Britomart at 11am and I wasn’t going there without something on my face in public).

MAC makeover before 2

Chay decided to go for a glam look using some deep bronzey and gold tones on the eyes – super dramatic! And then following up with a vampy wine coloured lip.

Here are some of the products he used.

MAC blushes and shadows 2

MAC Paintpot in Constructivist
MAC Eyeshadow in Tempting
MAC Eyeshadow in Texture
MAC Blush in Peaches

MAC MSF Naturally Enhanced

MAC Mineralised Skinfinish in Naturally Enhanced

MAC makeover products

MAC Mixing Medium
MAC Glitter in Reflects Gold

MAC Diva Lipstick

MAC Lipstick in Diva

Other products that he used, but are not pictured are:

Primer – Prep & Prime Moisture Infusion
Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation – a mix of NC45 and NC35 (I’m usually an NC40 so mixing these was perfect)
Prep & Prime Highlighter in Light Boost – a yellow based liquid pen highlight used under the eye area
Concealer – Studio Finish Concealer – to help cover dark circles and hyperpigmentation
Cream Colour Base in Pearl – a beautiful cream highlight for the tops of my cheekbones
Gigablack Mascara – I’m no wearing lashes. This definition comes from using the Gigablack brush that can really get in there and detail the lashes. We also used another mascara – from memory it may have been the Upward Lash Mascara.
Nylon Eyeshadow for the inner corner highlight
Brow pencils in Lingering and Spiked.

The main lesson I learned from Chay was to layer – set down a base and enhance/create dimension with other colours over the top. Think about using cream products as a base and then layering powder products over that. Using this technique you can create a retouched, natural looking glam.

Here is the finished result. I love it! He really went for that dramatic look, especially with the fierce brows and overlined lips.

MAC makeover 6


MAC Makeover 11

MAC makeover 12

By the way, I also tried a second lip colour when I got home. Scroll down to see where I changed the lip colour to MAC Mocha lipstick paired with MAC Spice lipiner. You can see how versatile this eye look is!

And how much did I love this look? Well, I ended up buying quite a few of the products used and the rest are on my shopping list!

Mac makeover 15

MAC makeover 4

If you are keen on seeing more of Chay’s work, here is his Facebook page and here is his Instagram page. I can’t stress enough how amazing he is and such a nice person too.

And if you’ve reached the end of this post – he’s a cute pic of my little daughter and I – both make-up lovers 🙂

Mac makeover with caitlyn