New from Mary Kay Cosmetics

If you’ve followed by blog for a while you know that I a while ago I reviewed some products from Mary Kay Cosmetics. If you missed that post then SPOILER ALERT they’re amazing! I was blown away by the quality of their products. I’ll link my previous review here just in case you missed it.

I was lucky enough to receive a new little parcel from Mary Kay. Keep reading to see what I thought of these products and see them on my face at the end.

Mary Kay Mascara

Mary Kay are promoting the release of their new Lash Intensity Mascara launching in May. I have a hit and miss relatinship with mascaras whether they are high end or drugstore. With stubby little patchy lashes, I’m pretty fussy and quick to judge.

So how did this one do? In my experience a mascara EITHER thickens OR lengthens, but it does not often to both. With my ‘black hat’ approach firmly on, I tried this out. The formula coats the lashes in a way that increases volume and also lengthens – just like it says on the box! Yes, I was very surprised that it actually did so in this instance! It wasn’t just the formula though. It’s also all about the brush. At first I was sceptical about the brush. It’s pretty big as you can see above. I think it’s because I have such short lashes that a big brush often just creates a mess (ok yes, it’s really me that makes the mess), so I tend to stick to wands that are a little more streamlined. Boy was I wrong. The key is confidence! This brush reminds me of that dancing hippo on the old Disney movies – it looks big but it can really pack some punch. It coated my teeny tiny lashes and gave me Bambi eyes (sorry about the Disney theming here). It lasted all day and held the curl as well. It didn’t smudge or disintegrate with wear.

It made me feel good to know that I was also conditioning my lashes with Pro Vitamin B5 – an ingredient commonly found in shampoos and conditioners because it attracts moisture and binds it to the hair follicles. It also has Vitamin E in it as well as an emolliant fatty acid – say what? It’s a compound that helps to prevent lash breakage when you remove it.

Long story short. It’s a winner. It’s now in my everyday makeup drawer.

Mary Kay eyeliner

The Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner pen in black is a gorgeous little thing. Nice and sleek with a silver cap, it fits into the hand perfectly in the hand for application. I usually wear gel for my wings, but have also delved into the world of pens from time to time. This one was simple to use, with quite a wet formula, so you’ll need a steady hand. The colour was deep and rich – a very black black – which was great for me. It stayed on all day and didn’t run at all.

Mary key eyeshadow sandstorm

I was so excited to receive an eyeshadow palette. These Mary Kay eyeshadows are something else. So beautiful and buttery smooth to apply. They are very pigmented so you’ll need a light hand. This little quad is called Sandstorm. The colours are a balance between a deep brown with dusky pinks and shimmer – my favourite combo. The three top colours are shimmers that you can apply directly or with a little MAC Fix+ to make the colours turbo. The bottom colour is a rich deep matte that is perfect for blending out and adding dimension to the outer corners.

In the look below I am wearing the Sandstorm palette along with the liquid eyeliner and the Lash Intensity Mascara. Note, I’m also wearing a Mary Kary lipstick in Berry Stylish which I included in my May Favorites here.

Mary key 3 faces

Last, but not least is the eye make up remover. It’s an oil free eye make-up remover, and it’s great at getting all of these eye products off in a gentle way. The way that I use it is that I soak two cotton pads and then place them on the eyes, then count to 30. Then I gently wipe it all away without any pulling or tugging.

Now, if you’re interested in purchasing anything from Mary Kay, you can shop online at here for NZ or here for Australia. I really encourage you to check them out.

And one final disclaimer, I was sent these products, but I am 100% honest in all of my reviews – the good and the bad. Also I’m not being paid by or am not affiliated (through the links above) to Mary Kay in any way.

If you reached the end of this blog, thanks so much!