Review: Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream

It’s change of season and my skin has been a little temperamental, alternating between too oily or too dry. At this time of year I find that I really need to find good skincare products to keep me going. There’s no point in applying makeup if the skin underneath is sub-par, am I right ladies?

I was lucky enough to be sent the Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream to review – what fantastic timing!

The new Pep Start range is all about women on the go and ready for anything. That sounded perfect for me – a Mum of 3 kids balancing that with a busy full-time job, relationships, family, friends, blogging, life etc etc.

The first thing I noticed about this eye cream was the distinctive packaging. A lovely, energetic orange, the tube features spherical applicator that you can use to massage and de-puff eyes.

The product itself was a lovely consistency. It wasn’t runny and light – it has some body too it without being too rich for a daytime eye cream. The best way I can describe this is that it’s like a cross between a cream and a gel. This makes it perfect to apply at any time, day or night.

The way I apply is to pat the cream on after moisturising my face. Once it’s on, I use the appicator and give my under-eyes a light massage. This seems to really help with puffiness in the morning and it’s refreshing too. I then apply my makeup over the top onto the smooth base that the cream has put in place.

Is it a gimmick I hear you ask?

Well, I stopped using it for a couple of days and really missed it. I missed the little massage in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love the applicator, but if this product was sold in a tub I’d still buy it. The consistency is creamy and smooth without being too rich. It’s a cream that I used both morning and night.

The cream contains 7 peptides and lots of other goodies to combat signs of stress and fatigue (it’s like it was made for me).  Molasses extract combats dark circles and it also has a little bit of caffeine in it to energise the skin and reduce puffiness.

As with all Clinique products, this is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.

It’s available now at all Clinique counters. Go and ask the lovely staff at the counters (I recommend Dylan at the Famers counter in Queen Street – he’s amazing) for more information or click here to go to the Clinique website and read more about this product.

Let me know if you’ve tried this and what you think.



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