Nude by Nature Brush Launch & Review

I was invited recently to the Nude by Nature Brush launch here in Auckland, at the lovely Pah Homestead Art Gallery. What an amazingly beautiful location and what venue more appopriate than an art gallery to launch brushes?

The room was set up with lots of makeup and two bare faced models were at the ready with makeup artists on standby to demonstrate the brushes.

nude by nature rt collage 1

We were priviledged to be introduced to the brushes by Liz Reilly, New Zealand Marketing Manager for Nude by Nature. She gave us a little bit of a background on the Nude by Nature brand. She then handed over to Owen Allison, Makeup Artist Extrodinaire (he has done Joan Collins’ makeup!) who took us through the details of each brush and demonstrated them on the models.

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Just quickly, for those of you that don’t know, Nude by Nature is a leading Australian Cosmestics brand that prides itself on it’s natural ingredients. Founded in 2008, Nude by Nature is famous for their wonderful mineral based foundations and powder products, cosmetics and now brushes. Fitting in with the ethos of the brand, these brushes are all cruelty free with synthetic bristles.

Consisting of nine brushes, Nude by Nature have you covered for every product that touches your face from concealers and liquid foundations through to loose and set powder products.

The pic below shows each brush and the purpose of it. I’ve tried each and every brush over a period of three weeks, so keep reading below for a little review of each one.

Nude by Nature Group Spills rt2

From left to right:

Mineral Brush (RRP NZ$22.95) – This little guy packs a punch. Dense bristles make it perfect for applying mineral powder foundation smoothly, but with great coverage. It’s beautifully soft on the face so applies just the right amount of powder without looking cakey.

Finishing Brush (RRP NZ$34.95) – A lovely big powder brush that is perfect for dusting your face with finishing powder. The fan shaping of the bristles means that it will apply the powder without unsettling the face products you’ve just applied. Nice and soft, it applies product with a light diffusion.

Kabuki Brush (RRP NZ$29.95) – This powerhouse of a brush is multi-purpose. It fits in the palm of your hand where you can use it in a circular motion to buff in powder foundations, or you can use it lightly to dust overall powder on your face. You can squeeze the bristles to use it as a contour. It’s a one shop stop and perfect for travel.

Buffing Brush (RRP NZ$34.95) – This flat topped foundation brush it amazing. If you’ve ever used a Sigma F80 brush or a Real Technuques Buffing brush to apply your liquid foundation, then you need to try this Nude by Nature one. With densely packed bristles, it is perfect to apply product and leaves you with a smooth retouched finish on the skin. On areas that you need a little more coverage, you can tap this brush onto your face and it will seamlessley apply a little more products in the areas required. A favourite of Owen Allison, he recommended this as a ‘must buy’ brush.

Liquid Foundation Brush (RRP NZ$24.95) – The second brush for applying liquid foundation in the range, this brush is the more typical foundation brush. The bristles are tightly packed, but as with all of the brushes in this range, this brush is very soft. As you may have picked up, I like to use the buffing brush to apply my foundation, but this also works very well. I actually used this to apply my primer. It was just perfect to apply a smooth hydrating primer base under my foundation. It’s also lovely to use when you’re applying a mask to your face.

Concealer Brush (RRP NZ$19.95) – This little cutie is designed for applying your concealer with precision. Using Owen’s amazing technique of applying concealer only underneath the inner and outer corner of the eyes and then blending together, I was amazed at the natural finish that I achieved. I have dark circles under my eyes so need to correct then conceal and set – that’s a lot of product under the eyes and if you’re not too careful, then everything sets in the lines making you look a bit crepey. This brush really helped to manage all the products I cake on in that area.

 Contour Brush (RRP NZ$29.95) – This is my favourite brush in the whole range – and I know that’s putting it out there! I have a whole lot of landscape on my cheeks so need to carve in some shadows. Now, I already own some contour brushes and I use bronzer and contour to cast a perfect shadow (as perfect as I can make lol) under there. This brush changed my contour game. At first I thought that it wasn’t dense enough to carve. It turns out that it’s just perfect and not only does it carve, but it does it in the most natural way possible. If you like a contour (and who doesn’t) then this is the brush for you).

 Angled Blush Brush (RRP NZ$29.95) – I like a good angled blush brush and this one is pretty damned good! Applying with the brush angled on the side and in circular motions (another tip from Owen), this applies even the most pigmented of blushes in a very natural way. It’s so soft and lovely on the face. I love this one.

Travel Brush (RRP NZ$24.95) – This little brush is perfect to toss into your handback for touchups during the day. You can even load it up (another Owen tip) with product and then just apply it when you’re ready. It’s lovely and dense so you could use this for any powder product – finishing powder, contour, blush etc.

In case you can’t tell, I love these brushes! They are incredibly soft and seem to apply product in such a smooth way that you end up looking naturally retouched. Who doesn’t want that?

They are also so glamorous in their design. With rose cold ferrules and lovely deep brown handles they are just gorgeous.

I really put these brushes to the test and found that they had minimal shedding, were easy to wash and come out fluffy and ready to use once dry.

Nude by Nature also have an eye brush set that I haven’t tried, but it looks amazing!

If you’re in the market for some brushes, and love the idea of trying out a brand that is cruelty free and all natural, then I urge you to give these a go.

In New Zealand Nude by Nature is available at all Famers stores.