Reflections on 2015

Well 2015, I can’t say I’m sorry to see you go. It wasn’t the best year and I reached the end of it a very tired and worn out woman, both physically and emotionally.

But, it hasn’t all been bad, as my lovely partner pointed out to me when I said “2015 sucked big time”. I still haven’t worked out if he was trying to perk me up a bit, or if he actually meant it. Jury is out on that one, but it did make me pull back and bit and think about what happened over the 365 days that made up the juggernaut that was 2015.


The bad

As a family we were hit by quite a number of illnesses this year and any of you who have kids know that once one person get sick, they all get sick. We got stuck on a horrible merry-go-round of cold/flu/cold/flu/cold/flu that lasted over 3 full months during Winter. My partner had a series of injuries from his training. I broke my toe, then I had to get some moles removed from my stomach and while they were benign (whew) they doctor took out some nice big chunks just in case. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy they were removed, it was just a little hard to recover from that so soon after the toe thing and working full-time and not being able to pick up my kids. Add into the mix endometriosis and early onset perimenopause then you’ve got some fun times!

The good

We recovered! In the scheme of things we are lucky that these things are all manageable/recoverable. Yes, they threw me, but we all got up again and carried on. We ended the year with the two little ones having strep throat and tonsillitis (fun times at the doctors on New Years Eve), but here we are, a few days into the New Year they’re all good.


The bad

It’s been a challenge for all of us to try and stay nice to each other and not get down with how sick we all were. I was working full-time and my job was super stressful this year – more so than previous years – and the stress really weighed me down. Coupled with health issues, and my poor partner who is an at home Dad with all the kids and having to deal with them all being sick at the same time, and you get a powder keg.

The good

Somehow we made it to the end of the year. Is that the only good bit? Well, in making it through I think we can look back and see that when it got bad, we made more of an attempt to communicate and we have ended the year closer than before. Don’t get me wrong, I think we drive each other crazy, but when it comes to the crunch we have each others backs and that is a powerful lesson for our kids. He’s an amazing Dad and does such a good job with our little ones. Plus he’s a hottie so that helps.

Another big plus is my oldest son. In 2014 he was diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD. After having a terrible 2014 school year he was placed with a better teacher in 2015 – a teacher who invited me to come in and discuss the tools that we all use as a family to help our son. The change in him has been amazing and we end the year with a report that shows he is average according to the NZ Ministry of Education. For us, that is outstanding and we are so absolutely proud of how he is learning and growing. Throughout all of it he keeps his positive humour and sense of fun and has shown a lot of tenacity. Being an older brother of two young ones (as I write this his younger sister is 3 and his younger brother is 1 (nearly 2)) has had it’s challenges (that is a euphemism for fighting), but he loves them and they love him to bits.

My Mum is healthy and rocking it for a 73 year old that has had heart surgery. She’s had a few hiccups, mainly associated with the meds she’s on, but still looking good. She’s looking forward to enjoying the grandchildren and family this year.


The bad

I’m terrible at keeping up with friends – thank goodness for Facebook is all I can say. I work long hours and then the hours I don’t work I’m trying to spend with my partner/kids/Mum. It’s a little imbalanced but I know, but I’m OK with that because these are the people I love to spend time with. My kids are only little for a short time, and my Mum is older and won’t be here forever, so I’m good with it. There’s always room for improvement though right?

The good

In the little time I had, I met some amazing people waiting in line for the ferry! I now lovingly call them my ferry friends. I met the beautiful Mechelle who works in insurance by day, but by night is an amazing published author. She is so real and I’ve loved getting to know her. Mechelle also introduced me to Rooibos tea which I now drink every day. I still have to try and make the Rooibos cream that you can make for excema and the face/body spray that you can use for dry skin, but I digress. I also met Di who is an amazing lady who is so kind and thoughtful. She always makes cakes and morning tea for people and whenever the ferry crew know she’s going to bake, the ferry turns up early and we all have cake together. She made me a lovely warm beanie to wear when we’re out in the cold waiting for our boats. She’s someone you can count on. She’s so vivacious and attractive that she always ends up attracting fans.

At work I met some people who contracted to my company and now I consider them friends. Therese is awesome. She’s so fit and healthy and always sees the positive in life and people. She is always going to some event, or trying some new healthy food, or challenging us to buy cruelty free beauty products. Always ready with a laugh and a ‘hey girl!’ I also met the beautiful Laura from LauraLauraBlog. What can I say? She (and Therese) encouraged me to set up my blog and then cheered me all the way. Laura is always so thoughtful, even when she’s having a hard day, she is always reaching out to help other people. Added to that she loves makeup just as much as me! She’s so kind and is a girlfriend you can always count on for a laugh.

I also work with a fab team of ladies – Jo (who did a collab with me with her Xmas wreath), Kirsty, Monique and Claire. These girls are my jam and I couldn’t have made it through the year without them.

I’m also meeting some amazing gals through blogging – inspirational, amazing ladies that I am enjoying getting to know.


The bad

Well, it hasn’t been my finest year and I’m afraid to say I didn’t handle it as well as I could, BUT …

The good

I’m still breathing and putting one foot in front of the other and I can truly say I’m doing the best that I can.

I realised late in the year that my work/life/health/relationships were all out of kilter and much of it was because I wasn’t looking after me first. So I started to do that. I started this blog and that went a long way to having a voice, rather than feeling like a function. I started to recognise when I was getting stressed and put some tools in to help there, including communicating to my partner about what I was experiencing.

I also took care of my health and am managing things naturally and as best I can. My partner and I are supporting each other, he with my blogging and I’m supporting him with his training, including enrolling the little ones at the gym creche so that he can workout during the day. I’ve started working out again which is good for me physically and also mentally.

Our kids are happy and make me laugh every day. I am happy with my lot in life and for my future.

So, there you have it. What a year. Yes I’m tired and a bit worn out – in a good way. And I have a few extra lines on my face, but I’ve earned them.

Come on 2016 – bring it on!!!