A Homemade Xmas Wreath – made by special guest Jo

I’m lucky enough to work with a number of creative people, one of whom being the lovely Jo.

A recent homeowner, Jo wanted to buy a Christmas wreath for her front door. She sauntered down the road to Smith & Caughey’s to have a look at theirs. She then sauntered right back after seeing the prices they were charging. On the way back she looked a few more shops and found that lots of the cheaper ones were a bit too garish. Arriving back in the office she declared that she was going to make her own wreath.

The next day, armed with determination, she went to the Warehouse and bought up some items:

  • Plain wreath $10;
  • 2 packets of red berry decorations, reduced to $2 each; and
  • craft glue

She then looked around at home and found some recycled Xmas tree decorations that she didn’t use any more and decided to use them too (some of these had wire ties already so that made things easier).

She applied the apples with craft glue and then added the rest of the decorations using the wire ties on them.

It took around 2 hours to complete and cost a whopping $14.00!

Take a look at the pics below to see the process and final product.


2015-12-03 08.40.12

File 3-12-15 8 48 19 amFile 3-12-15 8 47 27 am