Review: Black Box – Chilled

I was lucky enough to be a recipient of the latest chilled Black Box.

If you’re not familiar with Black Box, it is a sample site that you can subscribe to. If you’re lucky enough to fulfill certain criteria (through filling in regular questionnaires) then you will be sent a Black Box. It is a box that is filled is products for you to sample and review. All samples are full sized, well known brands that can be found in New Zealand supermarkets.

In the latest box, I received the items pictured and listed below:

  • Peter Yealands Sauvignon Blanc – plastic bottle
  • Tegel Smoke House Traditional Smoked Chicken Breast
  • Kiwi Streaky Bacon
  • Just Hummus with Basil and Spinach
  • Piako Creamy Yoghurt – Guava
  • Old Mout Hard Cider
  • Anchor Uno Smooth Berry flavoured yoghurt
  • Dairyworks Natural Edam Sticks
  • Verkerks Chorizo Salami
  • Peiters Chorizo Salami

2015-10-16 19.29.02

Peter Yealands Sauvignon Blanc – plastic bottle (feature pic above)

This was delicious. I’m more of a Pinot Gris fan myself, but I found this Sauv really easy to drink and very smooth. It was light and easy to carry around (I had to bring home on the ferry). I enjoyed this on the deck at the end of the day. What better way to celebrate Spring?

Tegel Smoke House Traditional Smoked Chicken Breast / Verkerks Chorizo Salami / Peiters Chorizo Salami

While I don’t eat salami very often, I enjoyed trying out the two salami brands in the Black Box. Firstly I partnered with the Tegal Smoke House Traditional Smoked Chicken Breast. I cubed them both and then grilled them in the oven to release some of the fats and make them a little crispier. I then tossed into pasta with chopped capsicum and grated zucchini – delicious!

The chicken was subtly smokey and flavourful. I’ll definitely buy this again.

The salami didn’t go to waste, using both brands for antipasto platters and good old sandwiches. They both had a little bit of a bite, but the kids enjoyed them, so they weren’t too spicy.

2015-10-18 19.06.09

Kiwi Streaky Bacon

A lovely, tasty bacon that grilled beautifully in the oven. What better occasion to eat this than an All Blacks game in the Rugby World Cup? Needless to say this was a big hit in our house.

2015-10-18 08.38.18

Dairyworks Natural Edam Sticks

These were very popular in our household. Easy to pack in lunches for my 9 year old or to give as snacks on the go for 1 and 2 year old. Here’s a pic of my son about to eat the last one, while being overseen by his younger sister.

2015-11-08 18.16.08

Just Hummus with Basil and Spinach

I hadn’t tried this brand before, but was pleasantly surprised. Some hummus brands can taste over processed, and/or when flavours are added they all taste the same. This one tasted natural, with a nice texture and you could distinctly taste the flavours. We liked ours in our sandwiches or tossed into pasta salads to add a little more flavour.

Piako Creamy Yoghurt – Guava

What a lovely yoghurt. This was creamy and delicious with a nice subtle guava flavour that wasn’t overly sweet. We liked to have this on our cereal or on it’s own for a treat.

Old Mout Hard Cider

I usually don’t like cider, I find it a little too sickly sweet. Also, gross as it may sound, it can leave my mouth with that furry feeling. This cider was an eye opener. It was fresh and delicious and it wasn’t sweet at all. In fact it was like a refreshing beer, but cider – if that makes sense. I’m definitely repurchasing this. Try it. You won’t regret it.

Anchor Uno Smooth Berry flavoured yoghurt

Last, but not least, we have this yoghurt drink. No photos at all of this because as I unpacked it, my 2 year old daughter saw it and then practically climbed the bench to grab it and put it in her mouth. I had to share it between her and my 1 year old – even sips for each. They loved it and were very disappointed when it ran out. So, it’s a winner!

If you’d like to sign up to Black Box, head over over to the Sampleco website and fill in your details.