Halloween: An attempt at a Sugar Skull

Now, I call this an ‘attempt’ at a Sugar Skull because I am a complete novice at any kind of semi-complex Halloween look. I had some big learnings, using products I’d never used before, and given the chance would probably change some of them out to create a better result.

I only had one shot at this look as my partner was out and the two little ones went to bed for their nap while the older one played video games (yep, desperate times). It didn’t run smoothly. One of them wouldn’t sleep and woke up the other one. Oh well.

This look was inspired by MUA Shonagh Scott’s YouTube Video which you can watch here. Shonagh is absolutely amazing and if you haven’t seen her videos, you really should check her out. And she’s so lovely and you can see how a Sugar Skull is supposedĀ  to look!

I used white face paint here. I think next time I’ll use a cream based product as this was so streaky to apply, showed brush strokes and using a sponge lifted product up rather than laying it down. It also provided a less than smooth canvas, which meant that nothing I put over the top could hold a straight line. Sigh. Big learning.

For the black lines I used Maybelline gel eyeliner and a fine art brush. Next time I’d just buy a cheap liquid liner as the gel was difficult to manage and really dried out.

What works well on face paint is powder so I tried to blend out the raggedy lines with MAC Carbon eyeshadow. It was OK and it added a bit more dimension and kind of ‘fixed’ a few rough lines.

For the crystals, I just bought some stickers from the $2 shop. The glue wasn’t that strong and they kept falling off (as you can kind of see), so if you’re going to try this look, I’d use something stronger. It worked for a few snaps though šŸ˜‰

This was also the first time I’ve applied false lashes and they were super easy! Now I want to wear them every day!

All in all, it was fun to do, and I had a bit of a laugh at how many things went wrong.Ā  My children told me I looked pretty, so that was nice!

Here are some different shots with some other hairstyles and accessories.


2015-10-26 14.18.48