Recipe: Salad Sprinkles aka how to get your kids to eat salad

If you are lucky, you’ll have kids that love salads.

Of my three children I have one that hates them, one that likes them and one wavering in between.

As we come up to summer, we will be lucky enough to be able to eat lots of salads because my beautiful Mum is a gardener (a skill that appears to have skipped a generation).

I always make a salad dressing, usually using the lemons from our lemon tree, and that helps. However, I have found if you sprinkle something over the top, your chances of dinner time success increases.

I tried those crunchy noodles (yum), but they ended up picking them out and then leaving the salad behind.

So, I’ve tried seeds and nuts. Admittedly I wanted to increase my own intake because they are so good for our health, but the added benefit is the kids love them.

They are small enough that they can’t pick them out of the salad – success!!!! And they even ask for them to be sprinkled over other things on their plates.

For this recipe I used mainly pumpkin seeds and a mix from the supermarket that had linseeds, sesame seeds and chia seeds mixed together (and to be honest, I think there may have been a few other things in there that I can’t quite recall – let me know if you see something that I didn’t identify).

Heat a non-stick frying pan and put a little oil in it – I like to use rice bran oil.

While it’s heating, add your seasoning. I used freshy ground himalaya salt, some pepper and some smoked paprika.

Mix it together as the oil is heating and then add your seed mix. I tend to make about 1 cup worth at a time.

Note: if you’re using a mix of different seed sizes, add the big ones first and cook them a little first. Add the smaller seeds later. This is so that the smaller seeds won’t burn before the rest of the seeds are cooked.

Coat them all and then (this point is really important) KEEP AND EYE ON THE PAN! These seeds will brown very quickly. Actually, what will happen is that you’ll think ‘nothing’s happening, nothing’s happening, nothing’s happening and then BAM! They’re done.

Take them off the stove and put them in a dish to cool.


They are actually so delicious you can eat them on their own, but added to a salad, they are delicious and add a crunchy crisp texture that I love.