Halloween: A quick and easy look inspired by The Grudge

If you’re like me, you’ll have maybe 20 mins to put a look together before the trick or treaters come around.

Inspired by The Grudge movie, this look is quick and easy and uses products you’ll probably have in your cupboard.

For lips I had two options: The one in the feature image above where I used┬áMaybelline Gel Eyeliner applied directly to the lips; and then one that is closer to the look featured in the movie where I used MAC Creme d’Nude (I knew I’d finally have a use for this lipstick!!!). See pic at the end of the post.

BTW I have used a filter on these pics as I thought they added to the overall look. Trust me though, unfiltered it was pretty creepy too.

I started with the foundation. Has anyone ever bought completely the wrong colour foundation? I did and it’s been sitting in my drawer waiting for this moment. Too light for me and way to cool toned, I used Jordana Foundation in Sand. I layered this to completely block out my warm toned medium skin and applied it over my brows as well. Then I powdered using the lightest colour from my Australis Contour Kit. It’s basically an off-white. Note. I featured the Australis contour kit in my previous post if you want to check the colour.

I then took a Maybelline Color Tattoo eye base in Tough as Taupe and applied roughly around my eyes, right up to the brows and underneath, pulling it out to make a litte more of an elongated shape, rather than just circles. Blend it out. Setting powder is good for this, or something similar to the foundation you’ve used.

Out came the Maybelling Gel Eyeliner in black, this went over the grey base. Bring it down under the eye and up to the brow. Blend the black into the grey base colour.

Then grab a deep black shadow. I used MAC Carbon to pack on the lids and blend, blend, blend.

Once you’ve taken away any harsh lines, grab another brush and blend out the edges with your setting powder again.

I did a contour using a deep muddy brown from my contour kit that suited the cooler tones of this look.

Then I teased my hair up a little bit and voila!


PS. Apologies if these looks aren’t your cup of tea. I don’t mean to offend anyone that doesn’t celebrate Halloween. I’m just working on my makeup skills and this look is all in good fun xx

2015-10-19 21.02.40