MOTD: A Quick & Easy Monday Face

MOTD: A Quick and Easy Monday Face

I stayed up late blogging last night so I needed a quick and easy look today.

For my primer I used Rimmel Stay Matte which I’m actually really enjoying during our Spring season. It isn’t a matte primer (yeah, I know it says it), but it is a heavier consistency than a standard gel primer which I lean towards. It doesn’t come off as silicone like. The best I can describe is that it’s thick like a PVA glue consistency, but rubs into the skin nicely without feeling heavy.

Foundation is an old favourite, Revlon Colorstay Whipped. Today I mixed both 300 and 370. Because it’s Spring I’m getting a little more sun so am darkening up a little and am currently between shades. I enjoy this foundation. It is a great drugstore alternative to higher end ones and offers a full coverage, dewy look. The shades can run a little neutral to cool toned so best to test this one.

I set my foundation with a new purchase – Za Cosmetics 2 in 1 Powder Foundation. This product is quickly becoming one of my favourites. It can be used wet or dry. I use it dry and as a setting powder, applying with my ELF Complexion Brush. It adds a little more coverage than a standard powder, but doesn’t leave you with cake face (although I do love a full cake face haha). The consistency is very finely milled and looks natural on the skin. This is my first experience with the Za Cosmetics brand and I look forward to trying more.

On my eyes I’m using the LA Girl Beauty Brick eyeshadow palette in Nudes. The colours in this palette are actually more rose toned that nude. Some people have compared this palette with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I don’t know as I don’t have that one, but I can say that online they look very similar. I think these colours would suit most skin tones, but if you are my complexion or deeper, you may need to add a deeper matte colour (from your collection) in the crease.

I contoured today using my Australis Contour kit. This is a good standard contour kit. I have heard quite a few people say that it sits somewhere between the Anastasia Contour kit and the Nyx Contour kit in terms of quality. The colours are very pigmented so you need a light hand with these. Most of the colours suit my skin tone, one or two are a little too cool toned and can look muddy, but the good news is that they all make amazing eyeshadows! They are perfect mattes for adding dimension to your eye crease.

My blush is a deep berry colour from MAC from their Rocky Horror Collection (oh how I loved that Collection) called Crazed Imagination. It’s such a pretty colour and I’m so glad I bought this one as I haven’t found anything similar since.

Finishing off the cheeks is the Laura Geller Gilded Honey highlighter. With this my cheeks shine bright like a diamond! If I could I’d rub it all over my face until I looked like one of the Cullens. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to capture its amazingness in my pic below. I need a better camera (that’s a hint to my partner).

My lip of the day is the lovely ChiChi Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick in Wild Child. The name of this is a little misleading. These are not matte, but instead are very highly pigmented glosses. This colour is the perfect everyday deeper pink without being too Barbie (not that there’s anything wrong with Barbie). It makes a mess of my coffee cup, but I don’t care because it’s gorgeous.

I hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are!


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