Review: Jordana Baked Eyeshadows

Okay, so if you haven’t figured out by now, I am not a makeup snob. I like what I like. You’ll see this reflected in my reviews and MOTD’s that you’ll experience on this blog.

I’ve been really impressed with the Jordana brand for some time now. Their lipliners are lovely and so are their lipsticks. I wear their setting powder nearly every day and also have quite a few of their standard eyeshadows.

Made in America, it’s a brand the international YT gurus often referenced and little old Kiwis didn’t have access to it.

Cut to now, it’s available in dollar stores in some malls. You have to look for the display because they’re not in every one, but when you do find one you’ll be very happy!

I luckily have found one in the mall close to where I work and one in the mall close to where I live – yay!

This week I found some new goodies in the stand and I just had to try them out. The three colours I chose in the new Baked Eyeshadow Range were:

  • Vanilla Bean – a matte cream shade
  • Purple Perfection – a shimmery deep purple
  • Espresso Lane – a matte deep cool toned brown

They retailed at NZ$4 each, so NZ$12 in total – what a bargain!

Here they are swatched on my medium to medium deep skin tone.

2015-10-06 05.24.08-2

What I like about them was that they are pigmented, but not too pigmented, so you can really control how much colour you want to apply. Some baked products are just a shimmer-fest with tonnes of fallout. These are not. In fact I find them very comparable with the Chichi baked eyeshadows, just ever so slightly less pigmented.

For my look I applied my Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. I then applied Espresso Lane lightly in my crease. Purple Perfection went onto the lids, firstly with a dry fluffy brush as a kind of ‘wash’. I then took a flat brush, sprayed it with MAC Fix Plus, then packed the purple on my lids to intensify the colour. I brought the purple under my eyes as well. I then went back with Espresso Lane and deepened the crease and blended it into the purple. I also too some onto a pencil brush and applied under the eye, making sure to not go over the purple. I applied Vanilla Bean as my brown bone highlight and made sure to blend it all in.

I was very happy with the look, but needed to add one more pop. I took my LA Girl Gel eyeliner in Champagne and applied to the inner corners of my eyes and kapow! Done.

Wearability-wise it lasted a good 10 hours before I got some creasing on my eyelids. Now, I will say that I’m not sure if it’s because I need to change my primer to a heavier duty one, or if my non-air conditioned office gave me super oily eyelids (TMI?) or because of the shadows themselves. I suspect it’s a combo of the first two rather than the last as I experienced oily eyelids the previous day, wearing my MAC shadows.

The verdict is that I love these! I now want to go back and buy the beautiful gold that they have and the medium brown matte.

The only negative about these would be your perception about buying something from a dollar store and that the packaging is a little rickety, but for $4 who really cares about that?

2015-10-06 08.32.40