Review: Mexico Food & Liquor

The tribe and I (my partner and our three children) decided that our previous foray into going out as a family was so successful that we’d try it again.

Cue an email from Mexico Bar & Eatery promoting Sundays as a “Day of the Familia” and that children eat free. We were in!

I’d previously enjoyed Mexico in Britomart in Central Auckland, but we thought we’d give the Ellerslie location a bit of a whirl and we reasoned that they may be more kid friendly than the uber trendy central city location.

We were right. It was super spacious and the staff were super positive and welcoming of our family. The children were promptly seated with our one year old going into a high chair that was whisked out like magic. They were all given crayons and menus to colour in. Voila! Bring on the sangrias.

2015-09-27 17.14.26

The food selection was divine. We enjoyed a range of dishes from the fried chicken (heaven), quesadillas, tacos (the fish ones were amazing), guacamole and cerviche. And if that wasn’t enough we all had churros.

2015-09-27 17.00.30

Now, I hasten to add that it all wasn’t roses and daffodils. Our children started to go crazy at the 40 minute mark and by 50 minutes we were packed up and out of there.

While those without children may look at this as a failure, for us it was success! Yes, my daughter nearly knocked over all of the glasses on display, my one year old decided not to eat anything and I’d hate to think what ended up on the floor underneath our table, but that was OK!

We made it!

We’d definitely go again!

2015-09-27 17.27.42