MAC MSF in Global Glow

I’m a sucker for a good highlighter. My motto is shine bright like a diamond whenever or wherever you can.

One of my colleagues asked me the other day (after I tried to convince her to try Mac Lightscapade as I was sure it would suit her fair complexion) “when do you know you’ve put TOO much highlighter on”? My reply was “when they can see you from space”. Extreme – I think not, but I do know I am in the grip of an addiction.

Ever since JLo showed us how fiercely you can can contour and highlight, I knew I would be on the quest for that perfect shimmer on my cheekbones.

My most recent purchase is the MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Global Glow. It is the perfect gold toned highlight that makes your cheeks reflect so well that you look like that mercury man in the Terminator movie (which was my goal).

Now, this works particularly well for someone who has my skin tone or deeper – which (if you’re familiar with the Mac foundation category system) is NC35 in winter and NC40+ in summer. If you’re lighter than that I’d suggest Soft and Gentle or if you are very fair then try Lightscapade.

All this means nothing unless I can give you some comparisons and show you on my skin with and without flash, so for your viewing pleasure please see below.

This isn’t my complete set of highlighters, but my arm is only so long and I wanted to give you a comparison of ones that are on the market at the moment and easily accessible (with the exception of the Bobbi one which was LE, but was so highly covered on You Tube and Instagram that I figured it wouldn’t hurt to include).

Now, you may look at this swatch and think it’s the dullest of the four, but don’t be fooled. On my cheeks it’s one of my most powerful highlighters in my collection. Put a bit of this on your cheeks, your nose and your cupid’s bow and you’ll be in business.

I love all of the highlighters below and asking me to choose between them would be like asking me to pick which one of my kids I like the most. I just can’t do it.

So, if you’re in the market for that gold highlight that is going to make your cheeks go ‘kapow’ then try this one, you will not regret it.

PS. In my dreams MAC sends me products to review, but alas this is real life and I bought all of these items on my very own.

Taken outside with no flash

2015-09-20 16.29.51-1

Taken inside with flash

2015-09-20 16.30.40-1