Antipodes Moisture Boost Minis

I recently bought the Antipodes Moisture Boost Minis as a wee thank you to a girlfriend. She asked me if I’d tried these before and I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t. Well, I have redeemed myself by buying this little duo and I have to say, I’m pretty much hooked.

The box contains a 10ml bottle of Divine Face Oil and a 15ml tube of Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream (which does not contain SPF).

The Day Cream does not contain any spf, so I decided to try it at night.

Following the instructions, I applied the face oil, let it settle in and then applied the Day Cream on the top.

I’ve tried quite a few face oils in my day and I have to say, this one is close to the top. It’s rich and hydrating and once it settles in, it doesn’t make your skin oily even when you’ve applied your moisturiser.

The moisturiser is hydrating and smooth, but given my hyperpigmentation, I’m always on the lookout for a moisturiser with SPF in it. However, the cream is so silky and lovely that I’m happy to use as a night cream.

You’ll be pleased to know that the oil works amazingly under other moisturisers too.

I’ve been using this for a few days now and have already noticed a visible difference, which has shocked me a little I must say. I wasn’t expected such great results, but now that I have them, I’m going to keep going!

If your skin is dehydrated or needs a bit of a boost, I’d highly recommend giving these products a try.

And an added bonus is that this Kiwi made product is organic and cruelty free.


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