The Rose Gold Watch

I’m don’t consider myself an overly stylish person – I will admit it. If I could, I would wear pajamas all day. Or as a second option I love jeans, t-shirts, some Converse shoes and maybe a leather jacket. That would be my uniform of choice. Where I jazz things up are with makeup and one or two accessories that I love.

A key item for me is a watch. I resisted the Rose Gold Watch trend for quite a while and then bit the bullet and purchased one just over a year ago. Yes, my watch isn’t new, but it is a staple in my wardrobe and if I run out of time, sometimes my watch is the only accessory I might have on that day.

My budget didn’t allow for a Marc Jacobs watch or (sigh) a Longines one, but I found one in my price range that I love. And truly, with the life I lead I needed something that I wouldn’t be too emotionally scarred if I wrecked it.

I found the one I want from Fossil. As you can see it’s all Rose Gold, even the face. It’s the perfect size for my hand. Not supersized, but not small either, so it is a statement when I wear it.

Funnily enough, I’ve never had so many compliments about an accessory before – from men!! Not sure why, it may be a size thing lol. Let’s not go there.

Here’s a pic showing it on my hand. No retouching and I hid my nails (as they are crying for help right now), but thought it may show you how big it is.

2015-09-18 05.48.29-1

By the way, I bought this from the Goldmark located in Farmers in Botany, Auckland. It retailed for NZ$350.00 and the lovely people at Goldmark told me they offered layby! Yes, I couldn’t believe it still existed (and have now found that lots more places offer it, but don’t actually offer it if you know what I mean). Did I layby? Yes I did!